Ecuador - Yachana Amazon Jungle Lodge Experience
2017 Rates
River View Cabin
Single Double
4 days, 3 nights
Tuesday to Friday
$730 $456
5 days, 4 nights
Friday to Tuesday
$973 $608
Jungle View Cabin Single Double
4 days, 3 nights
Tuesday to Friday
$586 $366
5 days, 4 nights
Friday to Tuesday
$781 $488
Children under 12 receive a 50% discount.
Children under 5 receive a 75% discount.
All rates are per person, in US dollars and subject to change at any time.
Itineraries are subject to change at any time and for any reason.
Quito-Coca-Quito add $190 US


A Project of Funedesin: 
The Foundation for Integrated Education and Development

A Place for Learning



Yachana Lodge is an Amazon rainforest lodge. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the rain forest while gaining a window into the life and culture of the indigenous people. Yachana offers a truly interactive experience. Located near the tiny community of Mondaña on Ecuador's Napo River, Yachana supports the projects of the Fundacion Funedesin, a non-profit foundation whose goal is to protect the rain forest by educating and empowering its people.


Amazon Rainforest - Yachana Jungl Lodge
Yachana Jungle Lodge

Ecotourism is vitally important to the people and conservation of the Amazon River Basin. To this end, FUNEDESIN constructed Yachana Lodge. The word yachana means "a place for learning" in the indigenous Quichua language. The lodge is located on 800 acres of land adjacent to the community of Mondaña along the banks of the Napo River between Puerto Misahuallí and Coca. 


Touch another culture, not as a tourist but as an active participant in rain forest life. You will help preserve the Ecuadorian rain forest and its people through community participation in health, education, and sustainable development projects. 

You will work with indigenous people to protect the forest and managing its resources. Your visit will focus on the real life and culture of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the importance of this natural ecosystem, and the necessity and obligation to preserve both.

Yachana Lodge

  • Provides a window into the real life and culture of the Ecuadorian Amazon;
  • Provides comfortable accommodations for visitors;
  • Provides employment for local people;
  • Provides training for local residents in hotel and restaurant administration, tour guiding, and the possibility for ecotourism employment in other areas of the Amazon;
  • Raises awareness of the importance of ecologically sound tourism.




Hotel Facilities

  • 11 Double Rooms (2 or 3 people) 1 double bed, 1 single bed, full bathroom, closets, and balcony overlooking the Napo River with a table, chairs, and hammock. Lighting is provided by solar power.

  • 3 Family Cabins (5 people) 1 room with a double bed, 1 room with 3 single beds, full bathroom, sitting area, balcony with a view of the river equipped with a table, chairs, and hammock. Ideal for families and groups of friends. Solar electricity and kerosene lamps.

  • Dining Room (for 36 people) Food is primarily vegetarian with occasional chicken or fish. Many of the ingredients are produced locally at our organic farm, ensuring excellent quality.

  • Bar offering cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks and mineral water (additional cost).

  • Conference Room second floor, with a library, chairs, white board, and balcony with a view overlooking the river. Solar powered lighting for night reading.

  • VHS and Documentary Videos Touch on permaculture, ceramic artesanía in the Amazon and the community development work of FUNEDESIN.

  • Electric Energy Provided by solar power for the kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, cabins and communal areas. Kerosene lamps are also used in the dining hall and common areas.

  • Water The water comes from a natural spring and is purified for use in food preparation and in all other areas of the lodge. The water is pure and can be used directly from the taps in the rooms.

  • Gift Shop Local artesanía and handicrafts, ceramics, T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, postcards and some personal use products, such as sun block.


  • Ground: Guests enjoy a six-hour drive that winds through the high Andean mountain range, with views of snow-capped volcanoes, and then down to the lowland Amazon rain forest passing through many different ecosystems along the route.

  • Water: Motorized, 54-foot long canoes. Lifejackets, cushions and rain ponchos are provided. Our bilingual guide will meet you in Misahuallí and accompany you on the canoe. This is a beautiful trip offering views of the tropical rain forest and local communities along the banks of the Napo River.


  • Local Ecuadorians: People from the area with extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, and the way of life of the local people. Some guides are bilingual in Spanish and English.

  • Translators: Bilingual Spanish/English and knowledgeable about the work of FUNEDESIN. If you would like translation in an alternate language, please let us know at the time of your reservation (additional cost for languages other than English).

What Is There To Do At Yachana Lodge?

  • Discover the enchantment and biodiversity of the rain forest on our 20 kilometers of hiking trails, which include both primary and secondary forest, accompanied by local guides and translators.

  • Birdwatch . . . Bugwatch . . . Frogwatch

  • Visit a traditional healer to experience Amazonian cultural life, participate in a traditional cleansing ceremony, and test your skills with blowguns, spears and fishing nets.

  • Discover the real life challenges and activities of the people who live in the rain forest.

  • Visit the foundation-sponsored Mondaña Health Clinic and learn about the challenges of providing health care and health education in remote jungle locations.

  • Visit agricultural areas and learn about growing and harvesting coffee, cacao, bananas, yucca and other products of the region.

  • Cross the Napo River to visit the foundation's sustainable agriculture (or "permaculture") farm. Harvest the delicious foods you will enjoy eating at the lodge.

  • Taste local fruits including cacao, the source of chocolate, one of the culinary treasures of the rain forest.

  • Learn about the uses of medicinal plants.

  • Observe local people panning for gold along the Napo River.

  • Purchase beautiful artesanía from the Amazon.

  • Relax in your hammock, enjoy the sunset, listen to night sounds of the forest by the light of the moon, marvel at the stars . . . and much, much more!

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Quito- Coca. The Napo River is one of the primary tributaries into the Amazon River. For the next two hours you will enjoy the lush vegetation along the banks of the Napo as you travel upriver in our canoe. Watch for local people carrying out their daily activities along the river.

You will arrive at Yachana Lodge around 4 PM in the afternoon where our cooks will have fresh lemonade and a snack ready for you. Our staff will welcome you and you will have time to relax or explore at your leisure. Dinner is at 7 PM. During dinner, your guide will discuss with you the itinerary of your time at Yachana Lodge.

Days 2, 3 and 4: Excursions, swimming, relaxing.....

There are many activities and excursions to do during your time at Yachana Lodge. You may want to fill every minute or you may want to take time to relax and swing in your hammock. Your guide will help you to plan your activities based on your interests and the needs of your group.

An introductory talk by your guide will introduce you to the history of the area and the work of Funedesin. There are many options for hikes through different types of forest. The hikes will be tailored to the needs and interests of the group. Some hikes take the visitor into a mix of primary forest, secondary forest and agricultural land. These hikes introduce the values and challenges of all types of forest and land uses. Other hikes focus on the wonders of the primary forest. Your guide will take you to see the projects of FUNEDESIN including the clinic, the food processing house, and the sustainable agriculture farm. For many people, the cultural visit to the home of a Quichua elder is a highlight. Here you will learn about Quichua culture, participate in a traditional cleansing ceremony, and test your skill with a blowgun and spears. Cooling off with a swim in the Napo River is a great way to spend a hot afternoon. Many guest like to take the canoe upriver, jump overboard in their life jackets, and float back to Yachana.

Longer stays can be easily arranged. Browse through the list of possible excursions included with this package.

Day 4 or 5: Yachana - Quito

On the day you leave Yachana, breakfast will be at 7 AM. Bring your bags to breakfast and they will be transported to the canoe while you enjoy breakfast. The canoe will plan to leave by 8 AM, arriving in Coca in the late morning for the flight to Quito.


Delicious meals prepared from local food in the well equipped kitchen are served family style in Yachana's relaxed and comfortable dining room. Most foods are vegetarian, organic and locally produced at Funedesin's Permaculture Farm. Those foods not locally grown are purchased from local communities to help develop a local market. 

Visitors will enjoy a variety of excellent soups and fresh vegetables, including yucca, plantain and hortiga (a high protein green similar to spinach). There is always an abundance of local tropical fruits and juices ripe from the forest. Fresh squeezed
lemonade made with Yachana's cool spring water is a specialty of the house. 


The rain forest is warm, wet, and humid. The average temperature is 80 F or 27 C. We receive about 120 inches or 3000 mm of rain annually and the humidity can be 100%. It rarely rains for a whole day but it often rains for a period of time every day. We have rains ponchos to use in the canoe and many people choose to take their ponchos with them on hikes. Other people follow the example of the locals and just get wet when it rains. The choice is yours.

Lightweight, quick drying clothes are recommended. Long sleeve shirts and long pants will protect you from the bugs and sun. A lightweight poncho is much more comfortable than a heavy rain jacket.

We Provide Rain Protection And Rubber Boots During Your Stay At Yachana Lodge And Life Vests On The Canoe Trips.

All photographs © Yachana Lodge / FUNDESIN

  • Airport Assistance in Quito
  • Transfers in Coca 
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Naturalist Guides
  • Guided Hikes and other excursions
  • Life vests, rubber boots and rain ponchos
  • International or local flights 
  • Additional transfers, tours or meals in the cities 
  • Laundry, liquor, tips
  • Personal Items
  • Items not mentioned
  • Day Pack
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Head Lamp or Flashlight
  • Hat
  • Personal clothing
  • Insect repellent



Discover Amazonia

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