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4 days, 3 nights
Friday to Monday
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5 days, 4 nights
Monday to Friday
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8 days, 7 nights
Mon-Mon & Fri-Fri
$1699 $1699 $2019 $2119
Children under 12 receive a 50% discount
All rates are per person, in US dollars and subject to change at any time.
Itineraries are subject to change at any time and for any reason
Quito-Kapawi-Quito transportation add $524 US,
Achuar community fee $35 US


Ecological Reserve


Kapawi is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, 100 miles east of the Andes. Part the Napo Pleistocene Refuge, Kapawi is a  center of high endemism  with an amazing  diversity of animals, plants and ecosystems: dry and flooded forest, lakes, swamps and an extraordinary system of rivers. 

Map of Ecuador showing location of Kapawi Lodge
Map of Ecuador showing location of Kapawi Lodge

This Amazon Rainforest Lodge is situated deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people's traditional territory near the confluence of the Pastaza and Capahuari Rivers-the former a major, the latter a minor tributary of the Amazon-near the border between Ecuador and Peru.

This Amazon jungle area is one of the most remote and well-protected parts of the western Amazon Basin. It is a remote and pristine region, untouched by logging, mining or petroleum extraction.

The closest road is a ten-day walk from the Amazon lodge. The rivers are not navigable to the lodge from the nearest outposts of civilization. Kapawi is accessible only by air.

The entrance to the jungle lodge and to Achuar territory, flying in a small plane over the uninterrupted vastness of green triple-canopy rainforest, is one of the unique highlights a visit to Kapawi provides.

Your official Amazon Jungle excursion begins in Shell, near the Amazonian frontier town of Puyo. This is the headquarters for the Achuar people outside of their rainforest territory.

Shell can be reached overland from Quito in about four and one-half hours by public bus, or by private car, van or motor coach. The route from Quito travels south through the spectacular "Avenue of the Volcanoes", then descends to the important tourist center of Baños. Shell is then an hour away, down the majestic Pastaza River canyon, filled with waterfalls and a beautiful entrance to the Amazon rainforest.

Kapawi Lodge on the shore of Kapawi Lake

Located on the shore of the Kapawi lake, every room has a wide terrace where you can observe the daily visitors: ducks, hummingbirds, egrets, parrots, or you can listen to the music of the myriad of frogs singing at night.

Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforest


We serve a tasty combination of international-Ecuadorian food with emphasis on local products.  A wide variety of exotic fruits will be offered.  Soft  drinks, snacks and hot water for coffee  and tea are available all day. A well endowed library is open all day long. Paperbacks, magazines and books are available. A small boutique stocks essential items, as well as handicraft and souvenirs.

Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazin Rainforest - great food!

Isolation  from the rest of the world doesn't mean a lack of comfort, at least not in Kapawi, we offer 20 double rooms, each with  its private bathroom, sun-heated showers, and electricity provided by photovoltaic system. 

Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforest



We, the Achuar
We were born in the forest. We were the last indigenous group in the Ecuadorian rain forest to remain isolated for centuries until the early 1970's. Our traditions are still intact, our land untouched by logging or oil companies, our skies covered by flocks of colored macaws and we have fought for this conversation.  Now we want to start this project that can lead towards a sustainable development for our people, for our future.  We want you to be part of it!

Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforest, We the Achuar...


"Kapawi is one of those places that you visit that leaves an everlasting impression. A place one will wish to visit over and over again. It is an incredible example of a private organization giving something back to the land and communities that enable them to make a profit. Everyone wins and the land and environment are sustained. It is a wonderful way to learn about the land and the indigenous people of the area. And by going to Kapawi you are contributing to the future growth of the Achuar people! It is a must see while in Ecuador! I'm so glad you recommended this beautiful place to us. It was the highlight of our trip"

- Jan Markham, Canada


Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforst - Flying with the spirit of the rainforest


Ecotourism in Kapawi
It has been said that an Achuar is a living encyclopedia. An Achuar can recognize everyone of the 500 species of birds found in Kapawi. The same person can distinguish every tree and explain their medical or practical uses.  That  is why in Kapawi you will be  lead  by an Achuar guide and a Naturalist guide as well.  Both of them will make your experience unforgettable.

Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Ecotourism

Kapawi is a place of multiple choices and is characterized by its flexibility we do not offer fixed programs, but you, with your guide and your group can design the most suitable one to meet your interests and physical condition.

  • Easy: Programs that include short hikes in the rain forest  (up to 3 hours) on  well defined  trails, visits to the Achuar communities as well as trips in canoes.  Overnight stays in the lodge or in tents.

  • Moderate: Programs that include medium-distance  hikes (up 5 hours) sometimes crossing flooded areas.  Overnight stays in the lodge,  the Achuar communities, and  tents.

  • Difficult: Demanding hikes of many hours or days in poorly defined and often flooded trails.  Porters will carry food and supplies. Explorations journeys to virgin areas are occasionally offered.  Trips dawn inaccessible rivers are done in inflatable rafts.  Excellent physical conditional is required!

Most of the itineraries will include visits to the Achuar communities, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes as well as bird watching.


Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador Amazon Rainforest - Discover a unique life form


The Forest and Its Creatures
The Achuar live in perfect harmony with their environment, where all animals and plants have human-like attributes with a soul and an independent life.  According to the Achuar every plant or animal has its own language and some elements of this language can be understood by the Achuar.

The rain forest doesn't posses any secrets for these people.  They know every type of tree and every animals species.  They know where to fish, how to hunt and when to sow their crops.  The forest is their nourishing mother.

The Achuar also believe that when somebody dies, some parts of the body become autonomous and will reincarnate in species animals. Thus, the  lungs and the butterflies, the shadow becomes a deer, the heart lives in a bird and the liver is an owl.  Therefore, the iwianch are materialized forms of a person's soul. The iwianch animals are never hunted or eaten by the Achuar, since in doing so they would be committing cannibalism.

Kapawi is a magical place. 
A place full of legends, myths and wildlife.
Come and enjoy the best preserved natural sanctuary 
in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin!

"In tropical forests, when quietly walking along the shady pathways, and admiring each successive view, I wished to find language to express my ideas. Epithet after epithet was found to weak to convey to those who have not visited the intertropical regions the sensation of delight which the mind experiences."

- Charles Darwin

Kapawi Ecological Rerserve

Kapawi Ecological Reserve

Rain Forest, the tropical forest of the earth's equatorial zone, found in areas where the rainfall is abundant year-round and totals 200-400 cm (80-160 in) annually. There are more species of plants and animals in tropical rain forests than all the rest of the world's ecosystems combined. About 70 percent of all plant species in these forests are trees, with the upper tree story composed of solitary, 60-m (200-ft) giants.

A lower story of trees characteristically forms a continuous canopy, which grow on other plants. Little light reaches the forest floor. Leaf litter is minimal and nutrients released through decomposition are quickly reabsorbed by the trees.

Rain forests often provide the only home for thousands of known or as yet undiscovered species of animals and plants. The destruction of these rain forests is eliminating many of these irreplaceable species at an alarming rate.

NOTE: Due to varied weather conditions, we recommend that you consider adding an extra day to your itinerary after visiting Kapawi to make sure you meet your connecting flights from Quito to your next destination.


  • Airport Assistance in Quito
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Naturalist Guides
  • Guided Hikes and other excursions
  • International or local flights 
  • Air, land and river transportation Quito-Kapawi-Quito.
  • Achuar  community fee.
  • Additional transfers, tours or meals in the cities 
  • Laundry, liquor, tips
  • Personal Items
  • Items not mentioned
  • Day Pack
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Head Lamp or Flashlight
  • Hat
  • Personal clothing
  • Insect repellent





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