Brazil - Tucano Amazon Cruise, Heart of Amazonia
2018 & 2019Rates
50% discount for children under 12
Green Category
Cabins # 2 & 8
with bunk beds
Single Double
5 days / 4 nights
Mon-Fri departures
N/A $1750
7 days / 6 nights
Sat-Fri departures
N/A $3150
Yellow Category
cabins # 3, 4, 5, 6 & 0
with twin beds & larger cabin
cabin "0" has a queen bed & single bed
Single Double
5 days / 4 nights
Mon-Fri departures
N/A $2600
7 days / 6 nights
Sat-Fri departures
N/A $4665
Blue Category
Cabins 1 & 8 have a single twin bed
Single Double
5 days / 4 nights
Mon-Fri departures
$2600 N/A
7 days / 6 nights
Sat-Fri departures
$4665 N/A

All rates are per person, in US dollars and subject to change at any time. Shared cabins available for singles of the same gender. Itineraries are subject to change at any time and for any reason.

* Please note that citizens of most countries require a visa to enter Brazil. Please consult with the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in your country regarding specific visa requirements.

Tucano Amazon Cruise in the Heart of the Amazon

The Heart of Amazonia



The Tucano experience is fun and fascinating and takes place in the last great wilderness on earth. The Amazon cruise vessel Tucano has comfortable cabins with large beds and private baths, and is air conditioned throughout.

Trips on Tucano are not luxury cruises! But at the same time you can be comfortable and focus on the forest and its magnificent wildlife. Tucano allows us to do that, in style. The tour program is sophisticated. With our small groups (Max. 18 people), trained naturalist guides, and thoughtful itineraries, we offer a genuine, thrilling experience with the REAL Amazon rainforest. Tucano operates trips on regular fixed departure dates and also group charters. 

A Spacious Design
The Tucano is a big boat, over 80 feet long. There is plenty of space to spread out, study the forest nearby, and contemplate the wonders of nature.

The Tucano Amazon River Cruise from Manaus

A Generous Living Room 
The Salon is enormous. It is a good place to observe the forest, read or relax. From this large space, filled with windows and situated at the front of the boat, you can see the fantastic forest around us. It is also a delightful place to dine and listen to our evening discussions.

Tucano Amazon Cruise Salon

Large Observation Deck 
The top deck is open and has a large sun canopy - a wonderful place to spot wildlife or soak in the vastness of the Amazon. There is also space to catch some sun and watch the Macaw parrots screeching across the afternoon sky.

The Tucano Amazon Cruise Sun Deck

Balcony Facing Forward 
The middle deck has a wide balcony around the entire front of the boat. Passengers can see where we are going and observe monkeys jumping from one vine to another.

The Tucano Amazon Cruise Balcony

All of the cabins are comfortable and all have private baths. The Tucano has 9 passenger cabins. While all of the cabins have bunk beds, four of these cabins have a queen size mattress below and a double size mattress above. The remaining cabins have double mattresses above and double below.

All of the cabins have large windows all of which open. You can lie on your bed and watch the rainforest from your window while reading a novel of exploration, one of the great and unexpected pleasures of the Tucano experience. The sheets are fresh and the cabins scrubbed daily.

Each of the cabins has its own air-conditioning controls so f you would like it cool as New England, turn down the thermostat as cool as you wish. All of the cabins have large windows and you can open them if you wish.

The Tucano Amazon Cruise Cabin

Beautiful Woodwork
All of the walls in the cabins have solid wood raised paneling... varnished and absolutely superb. Lovely Decks: The decks in the cabins and living room are a deep brown natural finished wood that is kept highly polished.

Dining On Tucano
Our meals are not gourmet, but wholesome, filling and delicious. We also serve many types of Amazon Fruits. Our cooks rise before dawn to make a large breakfast and there is always a tantalizing scent coming out of the Galley.


Days 1-3 In our well equipped expedition boat The Motor Yacht Tucano, we explore far up the least inhabited river in the Amazon, The Rio Negro. We explore the forest by foot or in our launches, go for swims in the cleanest water in the world, visit with local settlers that live deep in the forest, and spend a great deal of time hunting for and observing the greatest collection of wildlife on earth.

Tucano Amazon Cruise in the Heart of the Amazon!

Day 4 We arrive at extraordinary river called the Rio Jauaperi and spend the day in this unspoiled and lovely rainforest area.

Days 5 Today we proceed down the southwestern bank of the Rio Negro observing the different wildlife found on this side of the river. Our walks and explorations of the forest continue and our list of creatures observed gets larger and larger.

Day 6 Today we visit the village of Novo Airão. We will walk through the streets and marvel at how the 19th Century thrives in this remote corner of the globe. We travel through the night to the confluence of the Amazon and Negro Rivers.

Day 7 This morning we visit the Lago Janauari Ecological Park where the thick brown water of the Amazon flows swiftly through the forest. This area is thick with life and we are almost guaranteed to see monkeys. We then travel to the “Encontra das Aguas” the stark several mile long line where the world’s two largest rivers, the Amazon and the Negro, join in a turbulent maelstrom. In the evening we will return to Manaus and overnight on the boat.

Day 8 After breakfast passengers will disembark from the Tucano and in the afternoon or evening, transfer to the international airport.

Deck Plans:

Observation Deck: This deck is open and an exceptional place to observe wildlife. The forward balcony allows views to the front and into the treetops. From beneath the sun canopy we see the world's greatest collection of birds and the occasional monkey cavorting in the branches. From the top deck there is wilderness as far as the eye can see. The top deck is a wonderful place to lounge around as we cruise along the wilderness river.

Middle Deck: The balcony around the front of the boat is a wonderful place to pull up a chair and observe the forest close up. The salon is airy and has windows all the way around. All of the walls are paneled in lovely hardwood. Two cabins on this deck have single beds separated by a night stand. These cabins can accommodate three travelers with the insertion of a third narrow bed. Two other cabins number have a bunk bed with a twin size mattress above and below. All of the cabins have private showers and sinks.

Main Deck: Two cabins on this deck have single beds separated by a nightstand. With the insertion of a third narrow bed, these cabins can accommodate three travelers. Two other cabins number have a bunk bed with a twin size mattress above and below. All of the cabins have private showers and sinks. There is a full galley and a swim deck at the stern. We get in and out of our launches to the side of the boat through two entries designed for this purpose.


Cabins: 9 cabins with private facilities
Group Areas: Large forward facing salon and a full Top Observation Deck
Length: 80 feet
Maximum Width (beam): 21 feet
Standard Passenger Capacity: 18
Charter Passenger Capacity: 18-25
Crew: 7
Engine: 315 HP Diesel
Cruising Range: 1000 miles
Air-conditioning: Central to all cabins
Electricity: 110 volt/ 60 cycle
   Onan Marine generator 25KVA
   Onan Marine generator 27KVA
   Korbach direct drive 20KVA
Vessel Launched: September 1997


  • All meals and accommodation
  • Naturalist Guides
  • Guided Hikes and other excursions
  • International or local flights 
  • Airport transfers
  • Additional tours or meals in the cities 
  • Laundry, liquor, tips
  • Personal Items
  • Items not mentioned
  • Day Pack
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sunblock
  • Rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Head Lamp or Flashlight
  • Hat
  • Personal clothing
  • Insect repellent



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